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this community is now


after only receiving one answer to my question in November I have decided that this is the only solution.
I know the show is long over and not many people kept the interest.
still I am very sad about that.

Before I finally close the community now I need to say some words:
THANK YOU for participating
THANK YOU for voting
THANK YOU for every single user who participated ♥︎
it was lovely :)

of course if anyone would like to reopen the community some time in the future...
that would be awesome :)

if you would still like to do some graphics
of LOTS for challenges you could always join

and tell them philstar22 sent you



apply for team_ren (Team Renaissance) and tell them I sent you ♥︎
sad richard

HIATUS (or even worse?)

Hello everyone.
this is me Christina your lots20in20 mod.
as you've noticed this community was very quiet the last few month.
only because I did not have a computer for a very long time.
and now I got a mac instead of a pc so a lot of confusion in my head ^^

so I really need to apologize for that. I never wanted to be gone so long
I am so sorry about that. I really am. and I can understand if some of you are pretty mad.

but at the moment I am thinking about closing the community or keep it running.
Until I am sure of what to do I will leave this comm on hiatus.

if you want me to know your opinion don't hesitate and leave a comment (they are screened)
Also if someone is super eager to take over ... comment!

thank you all.


The rest of the icons are here at my page.

So, I just found this community and you all are extremely talented. I know it's well past the deadline, but I made these for round 27 since it looked like it hadn't been judged yet. They don't have to qualify since they're so late, but I just wanted to offer my contribution. I'll definitely look forward to participating in the rounds to follow. And I tried tagging +tubazrcool and ♥kieran/viviane but it won't let me, so I don't know if that is a mod edit only or not when it comes to new tags.


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okay guys, I don't want to close the round with only one entry ... or better two but one of them ... I don't know why XD invisible ^^
okay.- so I am giving a final extention here ;)
you have until sunday. june 2nd to post your icons.
so please please. DO IT ♥