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Legend of the Seeker 20in20

Legend of the Seeker 20in20 challenge!
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Legend of the Seeker 20in20
what is LOTS20in20
The idea of a 20in20 challenge is to create 20 icons in 20 days and in this community the themes will be all Legend of the Seeker related.
Every month there will be new themes and new guidelines for the challenge.
what to do when I want to participate
To get involved all you have to do is sign up before the start of the month!
Sometimes I will leave the sign ups open but sometimes they'll be closed as soon as the challenge starts!
rules & information
There will be 10 themes, 5 icons for a certain category and 5 artist choice icons.
1. To participate you must be signed up.
2. Icon entries must be new/fit lj standards and be posted public
3. The challenges will run from the 1st to the 20th of the month.
4. Try and leave feedback for everyones entries, it's nice!
5. Entries should be submitted from the 1st and 20th. Then voting will go up.
6. Please feel free to join or watch this comm!
7. When posting icons 3 should go outside a cut/fake-cut.
8. Make sure your challenge entires are tagged with at least the round number(otherwise they won't be included in the voting)
9. Subject for posting Round Number: Username or Claim.
10. Have fun!
what happens after I posted my icons?
when the challenge ends there will be a public voting. this means I will be hotlinking your icons ;) And then there will be a certain amount of awards given out after voting.
First Place for each Theme, Top 3 Category Set & Icon, Top 3 Artist's Choice Set & Icon.

Round 26 Sign Ups

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